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About Voxiom

Welcome to the multiplayer shooting game Voxiom inspired by the game Minecraft. Come to this game and use a range of weapons to defeat all of your opponents.

Let's begin our participation in the game immediately with a skydiving performance. All Voxiom participants will land on an island containing diverse biomes, structures, and attractions. Your objective is to use the solely available instrument which is a shovel to uncover weaponry. The placements of weapons are denoted on blocks by a red X. Before equipping yourself, ensure that you are not near any other players.

The crafting system is one of the game's most interesting aspects. You can strengthen any weapon by combining it with various components found throughout the level. Just be sure to use your shovel and not your pistol to destroy the blocks, as you will not obtain any resources from them otherwise. Utilize one of the crafting stations to enhance your weapons once you have gathered the necessary materials.

How to control

  • WASD = move
  • Space = leap
  • Shift = move
  • E = interact
  • Aim and shoot = mouse