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Vex 7

About Vex 7

Play Vex 7 to experience a fascinating parkour game. In this game, you take control of a stickman and use parkour maneuvers to jump across dangerous obstacles.

If you enjoy playing parkour-themed video games, do not miss Vex 7 which is the most recent installment in the vex game series. Although this version is more challenging than previous iterations, this one is more captivating than ever of course. You will be navigating a stickman who wants to overcome every obstacle. To discover all the maps, you must run, grab gold coins, jump over dangerous barriers, and run again.

As with previous Vex games, the game starts with a brief level map tutorial detailing the main gameplay concepts and some of your stickman's distinctive moves. Then, demonstrate your agility by dodging falling blocks, shooting blades, and spikes. Avoid laser-emitting surveillance cameras and use the double jump potion to enter previously inaccessible locations. Moreover, you can also discover many other games like Burnout Drift, Spin Master, and Bad Ice Cream.