Vampire Survivors

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Take part in the thrilling fight in Vampire Survivors. Control the fighter to move around the arena and kill as many monsters as possible to earn blue gems.

What happens to Vampire Survivors

The evil Bisconte Draculo with his monster army destroyed the land and killed many people. Only you can defeat these terrifying monsters. As one of the survivors, you have to go to different places infested with demons and defeat them. Be careful! There are more and more monsters moving toward you. They will actively attack you if you come close to them. Therefore, you need to escape while attacking. Try to keep the blood bar full at all times and survive as long as possible.

Some notes in Vampire Survivors

You can select the character before entering the battles. However, one character is available to select. The other characters need to be unlocked. You can unlock them with coins. You can get coins by breaking fire in the match. Moreover, you can upgrade your warrior to be stronger. Of course, you need coins to buy upgrades. When your warrior levels up, his attack will be larger and more powerful. One more thing, your character's level also can increase while fighting with monsters. Therefore, collecting as many coins as possible is helpful to you. Then, you can use them to buy something in the shop.

How to defeat monsters in Vampire Survivors

In this game, you will become a hero of this world. Your mission is to destroy the monsters. Your character will automatically attack the enemy. So, you just have to move your character skillfully. In the area, thousands of monsters will be chasing you and actively attacking you. They include various types of monsters such as bats, goblins, undead, etc. You need to dodge their attacks by keeping your distance from them. However, your distance also needs to be ensured that your attack hits the enemy. Try to survive the longest and kill as many monsters. You can collect many valuable items such as weapons, diamonds, etc. Play this game now and protect your land from monsters. After winning the fights against monsters in this game, you can play Castel Wars: New Era, Command Strike FPS, and Geometry Dash Unblocked on our website.

The rules for success in Vampire Survivors

  • You can play in full-screen mode to have the best experience. Moreover, you can see and move easier when playing in this mode.
  • You should buy the most expensive characters in the shop. The more expensive the characters are, the more powerful they are.
  • To survive as long as possible, you should move cleverly to avoid approaching monsters.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys or use the mouse to control the character.

How To Play

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