Traffic Jam 3D

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Traffic Jam 3D is a 3D driving game developed by Great Games. Conquer the roads in a given time period and get a high score in this driving game.

As I said above, this is a 3D driving game so you will experience 3D driving right in your own home. Driving the car and traveling at high speed on the spot is an exciting experience that will help you remove all your worries and stress from yourself. Dramatic and exciting moments are waiting for you. The game will count the amount of time you spend conquering that path by yourself. Then, it will give a specific score to evaluate your driving ability. The faster you complete your journey, the higher your score. Get ready to buckle up and start driving.

Instruction to control

  • Use the up arrow key to increase the speed of the vehicle. If you want to slow down, you release the up arrow key.
  • Control the car left and right to avoid other traffic using the left and right arrow keys.
  • Your car has a rearview mirror. Therefore, you can observe the traffic moving behind you.

How To Play

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