Top Speed Racing 3D

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Top Speed Racing 3D is a game that allows you to drive freely in the city. Supercars are waiting for you to own. What are you waiting for, join the game now!

Adventuring the city with a supercar in Top Speed Racing 3D

Start exploring the city through empty streets. You will be able to drive a supercar to any corner you want in Top Speeding racing 3D. More specifically, when the game also sets up both day and night modes for you to experience, if it's too dark, you can turn on the car lights to see better. You can choose to just drive around for fun, or just relax and do quests to collect more diamonds. You can even crash into anything without leaving any injuries, or consequences for both the car or the thing you hit. However, if you want to join a race with many opponents to brush up your skills, you can join the race at Drift 3. In this game, you will participate in a race with many dangerous turns, and drive with concentration to beat six other opponents.

Make upgrades in Top Speed Racing 3D

There are many cars for you to choose from in Top Speed Racing 3D, however, to be able to own them, you must buy them with diamonds collected during the mission. Of course, this trade-off is worth it since all the cars in this game are top-of-the-line supercars. Not only that, but you can also use the coins you earn while playing the game to change the color of your car or upgrade the engine of your car. Your private car will express your own personality, so your adventures will become more interesting and exciting. Top Speed Racing 3D is really a game worth testing, to entertain you after moments of stress and fatigue.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control the car.

How To Play

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