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Tomb of the Mask

About Tomb of the Mask

Welcome to Tomb of the Mask to enjoy an entertaining arcade game. You need to observe and devise strategies to avoid the hedge of thorns to pass the levels.

The game offers a tomb-like maze with a masked character. You have the task of navigating the masked character to explore and escape this maze. To complete this mission, you need to collect all the stars and coins in the tomb. Move quickly, react quickly, and strategize to complete the mission. In addition, you also should use power-ups because they can give you an advantage in the game, such as invincibility or increased speed. Upgrading your character in this game is also a good idea to easily overcome obstacles.

Difficulties in the Tomb of the Mask game

Difficulties and challenges are an integral part of any game. In Tomb of the Mask, thorns, and enemies will try to stop you. Colliding them will cause your character to disappear, so be careful.