The Sniper Code

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The Sniper Code is a game belonging to the shooting game by game developer Softlitude. You become a sniper and have the task to destroy the enemies in the game.

How to play The Sniper Code game

In this 2D shooting game, you are tasked to find all the enemies and destroy them. Specifically, you search for enemies through the gun's binoculars. Vision is limited. Therefore, you will have to look around to find enemies by using the mouse to move the view of the binoculars. Once you've found an enemy, pay attention to the fire icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Ring in there if you are ready to destroy them.

There are many levels in this 2D shooting game. Before you start a level, the game will notify you of the number of enemies you have to kill. Kill all enemies at this level to be able to move to the next level. This rule is completely similar to the rule in the Tap Tap Shots game.

How To Play

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