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In Tenkyu, in order to move and roll into the target hole, the ball needs your influence. Are you ready to get engrossed in the game? Start the game and experience!

What you need to do in Tenkyu

Starting from the easiest levels, you can fully imagine how Tenkyu will play. You just need to tilt the maze in the direction to reach the destination to be able to guide the ball to roll in the right direction. However, the game is getting harder and harder, and the way to the destination is also more zigzaggy, harder to control. Therefore, the ball needs you. Balancing the ball every time it falls from one maze to another is also extremely important. Concentration, and dexterity are the keys to getting the ball into the hole. Besides putting the ball on target like in Tenkyu, you can also do the same thing in Tap Tap Shots. Putting the ball in the basket as much as possible is what you need to do in this game.

Features that attract players in Tenkyu

This game has many different levels to challenge your ability. That can also become a reason for you to work hard to unlock the levels. As soon as you complete a level, you will move on to the next level. Every time you tilt the maze, you won't be under time pressure. But if you are not careful to let the ball fall out, the game will be over. Besides, the gameplay and simple graphics make it easy to access the game. If you are looking for a simple game to pass the time, come to Tenkyu to have moments of comfort and fun after a long day.

How to control

Hold the mouse key to tilt the maze.

How To Play

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