Tall Man Evolution

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Perform Parkour moves in the Tall Man Evolution game to get to the end of the track and destroy the robot. This game is created by YAD.Com in April 2023.

Instruction to play Tall Man Evolution

In this game, a track in the air contains a lot of options for how you increase or decrease your height and width. In addition, there are many obstacles that reduce your height appear throughout the track. At the end of this track is a dangerous robot. Your task is to make your stickman character as tall and wide as possible to destroy the robot. You run through blue picks to make your character taller and wider. However, you should avoid red selections so that your character doesn't lose height and width.

Passing the selection phase will be the obstacle phase near the end of the track. It's almost impossible to get over this obstacle without any damage. You have to face them. Each time you control your stick character to run through an obstacle. Your stickman character will be shorter. Run to the end of the track and knock down that dangerous robot to become the winner. Good Luck!

How To Play

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