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Super Mario Run

About Super Mario Run

The rule of Super Mario Run

Wait for the start signal and prepare to run in the game Super Mario Run. As the Mario character, you effort to avoid the deadly rockets and get high scores.

Right from the start of this running game, you will notice that it is difficult to conquer this game. This is demonstrated by the speed at which the rockets fly toward you and their frequent appearance. The rocket's fast flight speed leaves you no time to prepare. Therefore, your Mario character can die just after joining the game. This is a challenge as well as an interesting point of the game like Flappy Bird. You will be more and more attracted and motivated to conquer it. Other players can't, but you can. Do not give up and you will be the winner!

The endless running track and deadly obstacles

The running track in this game is endless. The more you run forward, the more difficult the game becomes as deadly obstacles appear more often. The speed of the rockets is also getting faster and faster. Once you safely avoid the obstacles, your score will increase by one point. Each difficulty and challenge marks your progress. Good luck!