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Super Mario Kart

About Super Mario Kart

Come to Super Mario Kart to enjoy a fun kart-driving game featuring Mario. You'll assist Mario in this game as he races other players by operating the kart.

It might be claimed that everyone is familiar with Mario thanks to the Mario animated series. If you are a Mario lover, do not hesitate to play Super Mario Kart. This game with amazing gameplay will be the ideal game for you. You'll assist Mario in this game by steering the Kart car in the right direction so he can beat the other players and all the tracks. Your playing screen will be split into two pieces when you start the game, which is one of its intriguing characteristics. The 2D track will be in the upper portion, while the map of the track will be in the lower part. On the map, you can keep an eye on both your own and other players' karting speeds. The player may also see how much time they spent winning the game thanks to a timer. What are you waiting for without playing Super Mario Kart right away?