Super Craft Bros Runner

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Super Craft Bros Runner is an endless Minecraft runner game and Mario game. In the game, you run and collect gold as long as you can. Enjoy the game!

In the Super Craft Bros Runner game, players will compete in an endless running race. Control your craft boy to run down the road and collect gold. Of course, there are challenges to put your skills like reaction speed to the test. For example, the track is not straight but rather a winding path with frequent potholes. There are also some other obstacles, such as blocks or bombs. If you don't want to lose, you must avoid them or jump over them. To win the game, run as far as you can and collect as much gold as you can.

Developer and released date

Super Craft Bros Runner is developed by the 6woo company and released on May 30 2022.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control your craft boy.

How To Play

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