Subway Surfers London

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Get ready to join Subway Surfers London and immerse yourself in a never-ending journey on London's tracks. Run fast, avoid obstacles, and escape from Santa.

After a chase and successful escape in Subway Surfers Mumbai, you are now in London one of the most famous cities in the world. Continue marking your presence here on the trains. Paint your symbols on ships with spray paint cans. However, the guardian of the city in the form of Santa Claus has seen your behavior. As a result, you're on the running journey to avoid being caught again.

How to escape

Run on the tracks and don't turn your head around. The advice for you is to run forward, pay attention to obstacles and avoid them. Use the arrow buttons to perform jump, crouch, turn left, and turn right movements. In case you collide with the obstacles, you fall and Santa Claus will catch you. As a result, you are imprisoned.

How To Play

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