Sticky Ball Rush

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Running games are never easy, they will always bring surprises for you. A variety of themes often inspires running games. For example, in Slope Run, you will control a ball. Sticky Ball Rush will bring a new genre to the player, You will control a machine instead of a ball. This machine will stick all the balls it touches. Of course, there will be a few obstacles on the way. But I believe they can't prevent you from reaching your destination.

Reach the finish line in Sticky Ball Rush

The ultimate goal of this game is to reach the finish line. To be able to accomplish this goal, you must control a machine moving on a strange path. This path is filled with balls and black blocks. You will have to collect the balls on the roads. These balls will help you protect the animal on the machine. If you collide with the black blocks, your number of balls will decrease. When you run out of balls and you hit the blocks, the game will be over. You can watch ad to relive and continue the adventure. Along the road, you can see many coins which can be used to buy new machines. Let's collect them. Many magnets can attract all coins and balls on the way. The machine will move continuously, so you just need to steer it.

Many skins in Sticky Ball Rush

The game provides many skins for you to select. However, there is only one available skin. You need coins to unlock the other skins. Some skins are very expensive, but some are cheap. Remember that expensive skins are always more impressive than cheap skins. Hope you can use all the skins in this game. Many beautiful skins are waiting for you.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

How To Play

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