Stickman Planks Fall

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Stickman Planks Fall is considered an outstanding, exciting, and difficult game. In the game, players compete in a running competition and try hard to win.

Welcome to Stickman Planks Fall! Up to 16 participants from different countries will battle against each other in this game. Being the first stickman to reach the finish line of the running road is the aim of the game. Because the running route is so narrow as a result your stickman character can fall down in the air at any moment. That also means you lose. Therefore, you must use caution when navigating your stickman.

Additionally, you can see numerous planks that are on the road. Gather as many as possible since you can use them to construct bridges and speedy routes which assist you to get to your destination quickly. Keep in your mind that if you don't carefully calculate, you'll fall and lose because there aren't enough planks for you to build a bridge. To be the last person remaining, devise a cunning plan of action. You win if you're the only one still playing or if you're the first to get to the end of the running road. You will then possess the gold coins as an award. You can use your coins to buy additional equipment such as T-shirts or hats.

There is a variety of stickman characters with different colors for you to choose such as red, blue, pink, green, back, and brown stickmen. You will have great playing experiences as a result of many levels with progressively harder difficulties, appealing graphics, and intriguing sound effects in the game.

How to play

Use the WASD or mouse to control the character.

How To Play

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