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Square Dash

About Square Dash

Challenge your ability in the Square Dash game. Control a square to jump from one side to another side. Get a high score without colliding with obstacles.

Are you finding a fun game to play in your free time? You can't ignore the Square Dash game. You will take part in a unique adventure of a square. The special thing is you will move on two parallel paths. Your main mission is to get the highest score. The further the square moves, the more points you get. You can see your points at the top left corner of the screen while playing this game.

The game will be more difficult with tons of thorns on the paths. Click the mouse to shift the paths to avoid the obstacles. You need to observe the thorns quickly and change the position of the square immediately. It requires your agility and great control skill. How far can you go? Be careful because the speed of the square will be faster and faster. The amount of obstacles also increases when you move a longer distance. The game is endless until your square is destroyed. Moreover, you also enjoy another adventure of a ball in Slope 2. This game will have more attractive graphics than Square Dash.

Although Square Dash hasn't impressive graphics, you can play the game for hours. The easy gameplay and simple control will make you relax after a long day. Come to the game to get records and break your record before. Square Dash is suitable for all age groups, especially children. It can help players enhance their agility.

Features of Square Dash

  • Entertaining game
  • This game offers an endless race
  • You can play this game in full-screen to have the best experience

How to control: Click the mouse to change the sides