Speed Boat Extreme Racing

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Known as one of the exciting racing games, Speed Boat Extreme Racing stands out from many others with its exciting underwater racing. Join the game and experience this exciting race right away.

Conquer the water track of Speed Boat Extreme Racing

Coming to this game, you will join many other players to compete for the top position in an underwater race. Control your boat to follow the instructions of Speed Boat Extreme Racing and quickly reach the finish line. On the track, you will encounter obstacles that can slow you down, avoid them. At the same time, take advantage of speeding boards to break through and get ahead of the opponent. In Speed Boat Extreme Racing, you can drive your boat in racing mode to compete with 7 other players or train for fun in free drive mode. Also, don't forget to unlock other fascinating super boats of the game. This is a good racing game, however. there are many other games that are also worth experiencing, which are Geometry Dash Unblocked, BasketBros, or Stabfish.io.

How to control

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Press T to change the camera view.
  • Press R to restart.

How To Play

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