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Slice It All

About Slice It All

Welcome to Slice It All which is another interesting game by the Voodoo developer. Use your knife and slice all objects in this fun knife-slicing skill game.

Slice all the objects in the game

If you are someone who is looking for an interesting game that is both new and familiar, play Slice It All right away. You have to do your best to cut as many objects as possible and get the highest score possible. Specifically, you left-click to control the knife to cut pre-arranged objects on the way. Click multiple times to make your knife swing higher and farther. Stop clicking if you want your knife to fall. You must be aware that you will lose if your knife falls to the ground. The more objects you cut, the more gold coins you have. In the last obstacle, you will try to pin your knife in an area where you can multiply your score.

Game features

  • Just one player plays this fun knife-slicing skill game.
  • Various obstacles like pencils, pipes, anvils, and the list.
  • Simple gameplay but interesting graphics and sound effects.