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As an attractive ball-rolling game, Skytrip can attract you immediately when you first step into the game. In this colorful track make your way to make sure the ball does not fall into the gaps.

Experiencing the colorful race in Skytrip

As soon as you access the game, your eyes will be on an aerial race track with alternating vibrant colors. Not only the running track but also the ball, more especially when your ball can change color after each jump. In addition, every time you run a distance, the color of the track will also change to another color. However, there will be gaps that appear to trap you. Jump over them and don't fall down, otherwise, the game will be over. If the gap is too big, you can hold the jump key to jump higher and farther. Besides, Slope 2 is also a running game with eye-catching graphics. Unlike previous versions of the slope game, Slope 2 is easier to control, and by participating in this game you can also collect rewards.

The appeal of Skytrip through the features

Coming to Skytrip, you will experience the game more comfortably when the skin of the track and the ball will automatically change without any extra cost. This feature helps you focus on moving to move forward rather than having to worry about collecting items like many other running games. In addition, the game also has an achievements section where it displays the achievements that you have achieved during the Skytrip experience. You also know how many points your record in this game is in the high scores section. Skytrip with simple gameplay, diverse colors, and vibrant music promises to be a reasonable place for players to relax after stressful moments.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

How To Play

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