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Skates Sky Roller

About Skates Sky Roller

Are you a skateboarder? Would you like to join such an online game? Skates Sky Roller will bring you exciting moments when you become a member of the game.

Participate in skateboarding in Skates Sky Roller

In Skates Sky Roller, you will play as a female character whose task is to collect skateboards and move to the finish line while overcoming many obstacles of different difficulty. The skateboards that you collect will stack on top of each other so you can stand taller and overcome challenges. However, each time you go through such obstacles, depending on the height of the obstacle, your board will also be lower. If the number of skateboards you have is not higher than the obstacle, you will not be able to pass and the game is over, you will play again from the beginning. When you reach the finish line, based on your remaining games, you will receive the corresponding amount of gold. Therefore, try to collect as many skateboards as possible. By the way, if you are a sports enthusiast then in addition to this game, I would like to suggest you the game Tap Tap Shots. This is a basketball game that is easy to play but fun and great for killing time.

Make changes in Skates Sky Roller

You can use the gold earned after playing to change the appearance of the character and the skateboard in Skates Sky Roller. More specifically, not only can you change the character's clothes, but you can also change the hairstyle and shoes. With Skateboard, there are many types of extremely beautiful, unique, and strange skateboards. However, the more beautiful, the higher the price of these items, so you need to collect enough money to buy them. Besides, there is also Daily Bonus where you will receive daily gifts. This is also a feature that helps you save more time and effort. The reason is that in this section, you can get more gold or even top-notch skateboard skins.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.


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