Rolling Ball

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A new challenge is waiting for you at the Rolling Ball game. Your task in this game is not to let your ball fall off the platform. Are you ready?

Information players have to know about Rolling Ball

The game is designed with a thrilling platform. This platform seems to be endless and so dangerous because of its zigzag appearance and narrow. The requirement of this game is that one player takes the control of the ball rolling on this platform so that it doesn't fall down.

Its sound looks so easy. However, it's extremely difficult to get a high score indeed. There are a lot of speed boosters along the platform. When the ball rolls across them, its rolling speed will be faster and faster. However, there is no way to avoid them. Therefore, this is one of the most challenging factors in this game. This feature is completely similar to Avatar Game. Good luck!

How to control the ball: Press any button on the keyboard, tap, or click the mouse to navigate the ball

How To Play

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