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Roller Baller

About Roller Baller

Roller Baller is a rolling ball game where you control the ball to roll and jump to reach the finish line. The globe is ready to go with you through the levels.

Instruction to play Roller Baller

In this game, there are floating platforms in the air. They are located in different positions but form a straight line leading to a safe platform. At the platform farthest from the other, there is a globe. Your task in this rollerball game is to help the globe reach the platform safely. You will have to control it so that it rolls and jumps from platform to platform without falling into the air. If it falls into the air, you stop the game there.

Roller Baller is divided into many levels with increasing difficulty. To conquer this game, you must conquer each level of the game. Take the globe to a safe platform and proceed to a safer location on the next level. Press the space bar to make the globe jump and press the up arrow key to make the ball roll.