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Robox is one of the famous puzzle platformer games in which you navigate a robot to the exit door. You have to face deadly obstacles on the way.

Welcome to Robox! if you are a game lover, do not miss this game. Robox seems to be extremely easy to play with and suitable for every range of ages from children to adults or even girls or boys. As I mentioned earlier, the main goal of this game is to take the Robot to the only exit door. However, nothing can be gotten easily. On the way to the door, players have to meet obstacles like holes under the ground. In order to assist him in avoiding obstacles and traps along the road, let's jump and use your teleportation gun to shoot the boxes, then try to get to the door safely. Are you ready to help him by using your own skills and strategies?

The game offers 30 levels and the difficulty will increase in the next levels. As you know, there are rock blocks and teleportation guns which are your support items. You need to utilise them properly. You can use the rock blocks as a foundation to reach the high position. To the gun, you will shoot to a special block to change your position with that block. Be careful when you only have one ammo. In Robox, if you fail in a level, you can replay that level until you pass it. Then, from your previous mistakes, you can get a suitable strategy.

Benefits of playing Robox

Of course, this game is a fun game which helps you clear your mind after a long day. Moreover, Robox is a puzzle game, so it will exercise your brain. When you control the Robot, it means you are improving your control skills. If you still want to practice your control skills, Slope Game is suitable for you.

How to control

A / left arrow key = move left

D / right arrow key = move right

W / Up Arrow = jump

X / J = shoot

R = reset

Esc / B = back

How To Play

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