Retro Bowl

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Retro Bowl is a great game about an American-style football game. In this game, you will take part in an American Rugby and try to be the champion.

If you are a person who has the love and faithfulness of football, enter the Retro Bowl right now. As I mentioned earlier, you will play as a rugby player and participate in a competition in this game. The fundamental regulations of the Retro Bowl are comparable to those of American rugby. There are eleven players on each of the two teams who are competing. To score more points than the other players within the allotted time is the tournament's objective. When playing this game, you need some knowledge about this kind of sport and make some smart plans and strategies to get victory. If you do not have those, do not worry about them. Just play and you will know. If you aren't a fan of American football, you can experience Geometry Dash Unblocked on our web. It is a fast-paced game that can bring a thrilling feel to you. Have fun!

Two roles in Retro Bowl

In this game, you not only lead your team in the tournament, but you also become the general manager of the team.

Play as the general manager of the team

From the Front Office you can upgrade facilities and staff. Tapping the 'i' icon will bring up useful information If you want to meet players, so let's check the ROSTER screen. You don't need to manage the entire roster. You only need to take care of these guys and everyone else will fall into line. You can see the player's profile by tapping on him. From that, you can view player details and attributes. Keep an eye on morable and condition. Poor morable can lead to game penalties and problems off the field. The low condition can lead to injury or worse - fumbles.

Control the team in the matches

Click and drag in the opposite direction of the running receiver to aim, then release to throw. The quarterback will drop back with the ball slightly. At the start of each play, you can hand the ball off to your Running Back by clicking on the blue circle. Use W or S while running to perform a side-step. You can also run with the quarterback. You do this by attempting to throw the ball backward. Once your player is running use A or D to slow up or dive. Finally, kicking. Two well-timed clicks and the ball will fly through the uprights. Remember that the goalposts are the same width as the hash marks on the field. You can use the faint triangle on the ground as a guide.

Developer and Released date

Retro Bowl is developed by the New Star Games company on January 2020. Besides, you can play this game on Nintendo Switch, Web Browser, iOS, and Android platforms.

How to control

  • Use Space to start the game.
  • Use W, A, D, and S to move the player.
  • Use your Left Mouse to throw the ball to your teammates.

How To Play

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