Real Construction Excavator Simulator

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Welcome to the Real Construction Excavator Simulator game to experience the life of a truck driver. Drive through rough terrain but the cargo doesn't fall.

What do you do in Real Construction Excavator Simulator?

As I mentioned above, you will transform into a truck driver and experience his daily life. First, you are at a construction site and waiting for your truck to be loaded with goods. Once the goods are arranged, you will have them shipped to the requested address. However, you will encounter difficulties when the road to the destination is very dangerous. This is your time to show off your driving skills. It is important to remember that the items you are carrying should not fall out. If it fails, your mission is judged as incomplete.



  • WASD/Arrow keys - Drive
  • Mouse - Control the camera
  • Space- Handbrake
  • E - Dump
  • F - Switch between vehicles


  • F - Switch between vehicles
  • Mouse - Control the camera
  • E - Switch between driving and excavating

Drive Mode:

  • WASD/Arrow keys - Drive
  • X/C- Bucket arm
  • V/B- Bucket tilt
  • Dig Mode: Left/Right arrow- Swing Up/Down
  • Hold V to open the bucket

How To Play

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