Rail Slide

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Welcome to the world in the sky in Rail Slide. Your mission is to slide to the rails and reach your destination. Can you use only a pole to tackle problems?

Are you ready for a new kind of running game? If yes, let's try Rail Slide. As the name of the game, you will slide on rails. Of course, to slide on these rails, you need a long pole. In the beginning, you only own a short stick.

In this game, you will use a pole to slide to the destination. If you fall off the rails, you will lose. How to slide to the finish line safely? There is one way that is to make your pole grow longer. When the pole is long, it can keep you on the rails and slide to the destination. Don't forget to collect the short parts of the pole on the way to make the pole stronger and longer. Moreover, the gold coins on the road should be selected to change the new characters. A long pole helps you get more coins than the short one. The coins you get can be used to unlock new character skin randomly. Each time you unlock it, you have to spend up to 500 coins. So you have to try to earn as many coins as possible to buy all the skins.

Reach the finish line to pass a level. However, you have to face many obstacles and deadly traps on the road. Try to avoid the sharp saws and lava because they can destroy your pole. Moreover, if your character touches these saws, the game will be over immediately.

The game offers many difficult levels for you. If you want to play running games with more levels, you can try Slope Run.

Tips and tricks for Rail Slide

  • The longer pole you have, the more chance to reach the destination
  • Always keep your character be on the middle between two rails
  • The shortening of the pole due to the saws is inevitable.

How to control

Swipe the mouse to move left or right.

How To Play

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