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About Polyblicy

If you are a big fan of action and shooting games, Polyblicy will definitely be one of the good choices to help you entertain and relax.

The fierce battle in the game Polyblicy

Coming to this game, you will join a team and fight with the other team. Pick up your weapon and move around the map to find and destroy your enemies before they attack you. In Polyblicy, there are many different types of weapons equipped for you to fight such as long-range guns, close-range guns, sniper rifles, grenades, and bayonets. Depending on the case, you can use these weapons to fight the enemy. In addition, you can also change your character with different skin color and appearance. Show yourself as a good shooter by quickly shooting down any enemies that appear in front of you, and you also need to dodge and counterattack when attacked by enemies. In addition to this Polyblicy shooting game, there are many other games for you to choose from, such as Geometry Dash Unblocked, The Lost Pyramid, or Toon Drive 3D.

How to control

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Press R to reload.
  • Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to change your weapons.