Pizza Tower

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One of the most interesting fast-paced 2D platform games is Pizza Tower. Company with Peppino Spaghetti, a pizza chef, to protect his pizza restaurant.

The Story of Pizza Tower

Enter this game, you play the role of Peppino Spaghetti who owns a pizza restaurant. Pizzaface which is a spooky pizza threatens to destroy Peppino's pizzeria. The pizzeria is his lifelong career, so he decided to go to the tower where Pizzaface resides and defeat it.

Defeat Pizzaface

After putting the objective of eliminating Pizzaface, you drive your motorbike and start to go to the tower. This tower has five floors and each floor has four levels and a boss. You must overcome all challenges on each floor to get the spooky pizza's position. Let's walk, run, jump, roll, slide, body slam, grab, and throw enemies and parry their attacks. The spooky pizza is waiting for you!


  • Move or climb the ladder with the Arrow keys
  • Jump with Z
  • Charge with X
  • Highjump with Up and Z keys

How To Play

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