Parkour Race

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Are you ready to take part in a 3D running race in Parkour Race? Show your parkour skill and be the first stickman to reach the finishing line.

Instruction to play

In this game, there is a running race with the parkour style. The winner will get a lot of gold coins as a reward. Therefore, so many people signed up and you are one among them. Participants in this parkour competition will compete together by running and jumping over the roofs of buildings. The left and right arrow keys will assist players to control their stickmen turn left or right. During the race, you will encounter a lot of areas which has a yellow arrow. If you control your stickman in those areas, your stickman can perform faster, taller, and further Parkour jumps. Finally, if you like this parkour game, Parkour Go will be a great game for you.

Developer and released date

Madbox is the developer of this game and released it in 2021

How To Play

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