Paper Io 2

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If you are looking for a game where you can comfortably demonstrate your dexterity and observation, Paper Io 2 is doing it very well.

Grow your scope in Paper Io 2

This is a game where you will control a square block of paper with a certain colour. Try to move around so that you can expand your territory as big as possible. Of course, to do so, you will have to face many challenges from other players. When moving, your paper block can create a path like a snake, but be careful, if you are not paying attention you can also harm yourself if you let your opponent touch you. Therefore don't try to go too far, it will put you in danger. Instead of playing multiplayer at the same time, you can play alone in Slope Game. Its control is similar to Paper Io 2, but it will be a bit more stimulating.

The interface with interesting functions

On the interface of this game, you can see the leaderboard while playing, that chart shows the extent of each player's territory, try to get your name ranked the highest! Just below the leaderboard, you'll see a map, which will tell you where you're at, and how far your territory has expanded. In addition, you can also create your own room to play with others. Or see what challenges you've completed. Especially, before you start playing, you can give yourself a name and choose a game mode. Here, there are a total of five game modes, which include other sub-modes and you will be suggested which mode is popular. You can also choose an outfit in the skin shop, making your snake and territory even cuter.

How to control

Use arrow, WASD keys or mouse to move.

How To Play

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