Papa's Pizzeria

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Welcome to Papa's Pizzeria which is an excellent game created by Flipline Studios. You take orders, add toppings to the pizzas, and cut the pizzas in the game.

Papa's Pizzeria is one of the most popular and loved simulation games by players. After being released for a long time, it is now back with a free version in the web browser. In this game, Papa relocates to another place in the town and opens a pizzeria. Your job is to work with Papa to develop that pizzeria store. Customers will come and order pizzas. Let's put great toppings at the request of customers, place your pizza in the oven and cook it for a specified period of time. The only thing left to do is slice and serve your excited customers before they grow impatient. Make great cakes that keep those customers coming back and create a famous pizza brand for yourself. Wish your pizzeria will grow more and more. Also, after you have become a big player in this field, you can try other areas with Penguin Diner 2 and Tiny Fishing.

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