Pacman 30th Anniversary

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Play Pacman 30th Anniversary to enjoy the intriguing arcade game. Your goal is to guide Pac-Man as he consumes dots without being killed by any little monsters.

Pacman 30th Anniversary is a fantastic game that lives up to its name and captures the essence of the 30th anniversary. There are a few little monsters and a platform covered in a lot of dots. As I mentioned before, the objective of the game is to consume every dot on the platform while avoiding the monsters to prevent getting devoured. Those monsters will follow Pac-Man about as he eats during the time you are playing. You must therefore find a different approach to get around them. If you don't want the game to end early, look around and avoid going to a dead end. You earn more points as you consume more dots. In this game, you will also possess certain Pac-Mans. The game is over if all of your game characters are eliminated. You will either succeed in the game or become the little creatures' dinner. Let's see what you get between the two results.

How To Play

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