Mini Market Tycoon

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If you are a lover of buying and selling or have a passion for owning a store for yourself, this is the right game for you. Experience to see what you will do as a salesperson.

Mini Market Tycoon gameplay

In your store, there will be many different products, possibly agricultural products such as eggs and tomatoes. However, to be able to sell these items, you need to harvest them and put them in other stalls to choose from. For tomatoes, you can harvest directly, but if you want chickens to lay eggs to harvest, you need to feed them tomatoes. As your work gets busier and busier with a growing number of clients, it might be a good idea to hire more staff. You can use the money you earn from selling items to buy helpers.

Develope your store in Mini Market Tycoon

You can also expand your store by expanding your departments to be able to sell a wide variety of items. Whether it's buying more helpers and upgrading them, you can do it with the upgrade button in the upper left corner of the screen. If you want to upgrade the shop, when you have enough money, go close to the department area you want to open more, just like that, you have expanded your store. The more you upgrade your character and open more departments, the faster you will operate and increase your income. If Mini Market Tycoon has not satisfied you, you can try another game also with simple gameplay and lively sound. This game is called Slope 2.

How to control

Control of this game is not only extremely easy but also very diverse, you can use the arrow keys, use the mouse, or even other keys like the W key to go up, the A key to go left, the D key to go right and the S key to go down.

How To Play

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