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About Jumpero

Play Jumpero online. Control a robot jump over the walls. Defeat your competitors and get first place. Stuck in the walls will slow down your robot.

If you are too familiar with running games where a human is the main character, we will introduce a new game. In Jumpero, your character is a robot. Your final target is to reach the finish line. The game is more difficult when there are two opponents. You and your opponents will take part in a speed race. Utilise all your abilities: running and jumping to get over your opponents.

When playing Jumpero, you need to control the robot character to overcome the deadly traps on the road. Try your best to reach the finish line as soon as you can. Moreover, you have to battle with other opponents in Jumpero. If you hit the obstacles, your speed will be slow and the finish time will be longer. So, try jump over all the walls, ball, etc. Besides, if you fall into the gaps, the game will end. The mysterious boxes on the way will be useful for you like boost your speed up and protect you.

Are you willing for any race? There are many different levels which can challenge your skills and agility. Of course, you have to face more challenges when you play the higher levels. Besides the race in Jumpero, you can enter another race in Slope Run. Rolling a ball in a wonderful universe is what you need to do.

Features of Jumpero game

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Jump over the obstacles
  • You can show your great skills to other players over the world
  • 3D graphics and realistic movement of the character will provide the best time for you.

How to control

Click the mouse or tap the screen to control