Jump Ball Adventures

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Play Jump Ball Adventure online now! Bounce your ball through many obstacles along the road. Collect the stars and reach the destination to pass a level.

Do you like adventure games? If yes, you can't ignore Jump Ball Adventures game. Your main character is a ball. The special thing is the ball jumps automatically. Therefore, you simply navigate its direction. You will accompany with the ball and enjoy a dangerous journey. On our web, there are many adventures in Geometry Neon Dash 2. You will immerse yourself in a colourful neon world in this game.

When playing Jump Ball Adventures, your task is to help the cute ball get over the obstacles on its way and reach the finish line. On the way, you also see some stars and collecting all of them is useful for you. If you want to pass the levels, you must collect at least one star. The stars you collected in each level can be exchanged for new balls from the regular ball to the world ball. There are 40 levels with harder challenges in the next levels. If your ball is destroyed by the obstacles, you can restart the same levels as many times as you want. Beware the fixed bricks with red tape because they can break immediately when you touch them. However, you can use them as support items to reach the stars. Good luck!


Jump Ball Adventures is developed by Game-Devs

Release Date

Jump Ball Adventures is released on January 05, 2022


Can I skip a difficult level?

Yes, you can see advertisements to skip a level. However, you should believe in your skills.

Can I play Jump Ball Adventures game on my tablet?

Yes, you can play this game on your tablet, or computer.

How to control

Use arrow keys or cursor to move left or right

How To Play

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