Eggy Car

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Eggy Car is a skill driving game that requires you to drive a car carrying an egg safely to a destination. Under your driving skills, the egg will look like.

As everyone knows, the goal that you must achieve to conquer this game is to transport eggs to the required location. You will drive a car and perform this mission. On this thrilling transport journey, your driving skills will be tested as you have to maneuver the vehicle in challenging environments. You may have to drive the car up the hill and down the hill many times. The characteristic of eggs is that they have a round shape and are easily broken. Therefore, the high probability that your egg will roll and fall to the ground is very high. And when the egg falls, your egg will be broken. This means you have to pause the game here.

How to control the car to transport the egg

Press the left and right arrow keys to make your car move forward or backward. The speedometer is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The advice for you is not to control the car moving too fast, especially when climbing uphill. Wish you could transport the egg to a safe location.

How To Play

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