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Hunter Assassin 2

About Hunter Assassin 2

If you are looking for an entertaining game in your spare time, Hunter Assassin 2 can help you. Join the assassination attempts in this game, can you complete the mission and still preserve your life?

Become an assassin legend in Hunter Assassin 2

In this game, you and your opponent will appear in a house. Your task is to take advantage of the items in the house to hide and wait for the opportunity to destroy the enemies that they do not know. In Hunter Assassin 2, your opponents are armed with automatic guns. Therefore, if you are discovered by them, you will be shot immediately, be careful! For each enemy you kill, you will get more coins which can help you unlock more characters. Also, don't forget to collect stars on each level. Coming to Hunter Assassin 2, the higher the level, the more difficult challenges you will face, and more enemies. If you want to experience other games, you can visit Geometry Dash Unblocked, Match Adventure, and Ninja Hero Runner.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.