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Participate in the Gunblood game to transform into a cowboy with great shooting skills. This shooting game was published by Agame on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Shoot to eliminate opponents in Gunblood

This game offers a shooting arena where talented cowboys compete for survival against each other. When entering this game, you are one of those cowboys. Shoot deadly bullets toward your opponent to knock him down. You have to act fast or you will be the one to fall. Get ready to tap the screen or use your mouse to shoot. This control is similar to the Geometry Dash Unblocked game.

Interesting things about Gunblood

A variety of characters

The cowboy character is the default character of this game. However, you can change the character by accessing a series of available characters in the shooting game. Cowboys, magicians, thieves, girls, and suit men are some of the most iconic and beloved characters among them.

Group set up

Create a private group and then invite your friends to play this game. Compare your and your friend's shooting speed and abilities. By accessing the Group Set Up section, you can perform this action.

Customize sound and in-game quality

Access the options in the game's Menu to be able to customize the sound and in-game quality. As for the sound, you can turn it on or off. For in-game quality, there are 3 options of high, medium, and low qualities to choose from. If the game speed is not fast in high quality, you can switch to a lower quality which is medium or low.

How To Play

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