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Grand Extreme Racing

About Grand Extreme Racing

Welcome to Grand Extreme Racing which is a popular racing game. Take on the challenge or practice kart driving on dangerous tracks in the game.

How to play

This racing game is designed by Twogameplayers and is appreciated by everyone since its launch. Joining this game, you will have the task of driving a kart car to conquer the racetrack in front of many fans. You can choose to show off your kart racing skills alone or compete with other players. Of course, like other multiplayer racing games, whoever gets to the finish line first will be the winner.

Instruction to control

Player 1

  • Move = Arrow keys
  • NOS = M
  • Restart car position = O
  • Look back = P
  • Change camera view = K

Player 2

  • Move = WASD
  • NOS = L-Shift
  • Restart car position = R
  • Look back = T
  • Change camera view = C

Attractive features of Grand Extreme Racing

  • Players can play the game in one-player or two-player mode.
  • Take part in a Challenge or Practice.
  • There are ten maps, five race cars, and five drivers in the game.