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Go To Dot

About Go To Dot

You are in a circular maze with lots of bombs, your task is to find your way to the center of the maze to score points. Every time you complete a mission, you will get a diamond. Jump at the right time and in the right place to score! Use earned diamonds to change the shape of the ball. It is also the ball character but in a different challenge in Slope 2.

Rules of Go To Dot

Launch your particle towards the center but watch out for the waves around it. The three rings of ant cells spinning around the core are there to protect it from you. To attack each round, you must throw your dot on it while adjusting to its unique spin and avoiding anti-cells. As soon as you reveal yourself, the next ring will be yours. Do not land too close to the stand and be careful not to throw yourself directly into the box. Keep in mind that your rotation will occasionally be clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise, which will influence the decisions you make about launching your dot.

Thinking and reacting quickly in Go To Dot

To get your dot to the nucleus, you have to pay attention, think fast, and react even faster. The anti-cell dots are in effect and will not spare any victims. The game will get faster and more complex the longer you survive. Your reflexes and observation will need to work harder as the rings will change direction and the anti-cells will move faster. Persistence is key in this game. How long can you continue? What is your limit? Can you reach the nucleus of the cell? Time will only tell.


Launch your dot using the mouse from the outer circle into the various rings, then into the nucleus.