Giant Rush

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If you are a person with a strong personality, and you want to find a game that matches your personality. It is probably that you should try playing Giant Rush.

As a stickman, you will move forward to collect dots of the same colour to make your character bigger and bigger. Try to merge as many dots of the same colour as possible, because it will make your character much bigger. Besides, you will also go through different levels, and the higher level you play, the stronger your opponent will be. When you have run to the end of the path, you will see your opponent waiting there, press the mouse button to fight, if the opponent's blood runs out first, you are the winner. Then, kick the opponent far away, the farther you kick them, the more diamonds you get will multiply.

More information about Giant Rush

In Giant Rush, on the way to merge coloured dots and find your opponent, you will see diamonds, and collect them too. There is a shop on the left screen where you will spend the diamonds you get. There you can buy shoes, buy or buy hats depending on your preference and the number of diamonds you have. Through each level, your character will also be bigger depending on the number of colour dots you merge. In addition, sometimes you will have to pass a turret that changes colour, ie your character will change to another colour when you go through this tower. You need to keep this in mind because when the stickman changes colour, you will also have to choose another colour dot similar to its colour to merge.

How to control

Use the mouse to control. Generally, its gameplay is similar to Slope Run, if you do not know this game, you can try it.

How To Play

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