Falling Balls

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Falling Balls is one of the most addictive arcade games. Your duty is to click to alter the main ball's color so that it matches the color of the falling balls.

As I said earlier, your task is to change the central ball's color and catch the falling balls of the same color. The game is over if you grab a ball which does not have the same color as the center ball. Each time you collect a small ball, you get one point. Besides, you need to pay attention when playing because the balls fall more and more. Get as many points as you can before things become too difficult, then!

The mechanisms are really basic. This game is accessible on both PC and mobile platforms and is appropriate for all ages. On a computer, you simply need to click the mouse, whereas, on a mobile device, you only need to tap. Get the highest score by demonstrating your quick reflexes to change the color!

Features of Falling Balls

  • Simple yet fun gameplay
  • Numerous balls
  • Attain the highest rating

How to play

Click the mouse to play

How To Play

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