Extreme Pamplona

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Are you ready for a high-speed run in the exciting Extreme Pamplona game? Running away from a bull to survive is your ultimate objective in this running game.

A bull in a cage suddenly goes mad and attacks you. There was no other way but to run fast to avoid its attacks. From an arena, you will have to run through the busy streets. Therefore, you may have difficulty in the process of running away from obstacles. They can be wooden crates, stalls, or people. Therefore, you must show your parkour skills to jump and avoid them. Always remember that you will die if you get attacked by that crazy bull. As a result, the game is over.

Different countries with different characters

After you run away from that crazy bull, you can see the map of the countries. When you play in a certain country, you will have to run away from a different object. For example, you may encounter a bull in Spain or a woman in France

How To Play

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