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E Scooter

About E Scooter

E Scooter is a strange racing game in which players must control a fantastic e-scooter and drive it down the freeway while collecting gold coins.

You will own an e-scooter and compete in e-scooter racing in the game. Your objective is to drive it as far as possible while collecting gold coins along the way. As you are aware, there are numerous types of vehicles on the road. As a result, controlling an e-scooter at increasing speeds without colliding with other modes of transportation is difficult. Remember to drive cautiously. Furthermore, for great racing, your e-scooter must be fully charged. However, you won't have to worry because energy stations will be visible and free to use on the two sides of the freeway.

Playing hints

  • If there is too much traffic on the road, give up on collecting gold. The best option is to pass them safely.
  • With the left and right buttons, you can easily control your e-scooter. You can also use the virtual buttons on the screen.
  • Collecting as many gold coins as possible to unlock more advanced e-scooters.