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Dunk Shot

About Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is an entertaining sports game in which players try to get the highest score possible by throwing a basketball from one basket to another.

If you are a lover of sports or have good navigation, don't miss this Dunk Shot game. As I mentioned above, you will throw a ball from one basket to another. Each time the ball enters the basket, you will receive one point. In addition, sometimes the basket will appear stars, you should also collect them. Throw in the basket to get a high score and get ready to be a basketball star.

This game is very simple in terms of both gameplay and graphics like Tap Tap Shots and Tiny Fishing. However, it is very attractive to players and anyone of any age and gender can play Dunk Shot. In addition to helping you find fun, this game is also a useful method that helps you improve your aim and hit the target.

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play