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Droid O

About Droid O

Get ready for the thrilling fight against alien invaders in Droid O. Control your spaceship captain to move left or right to destroy all aliens.

The aliens come and invade our Earth. As a spaceship captain, you must protect the Earth now. Steer left or right and shoot constantly to take down as many aliens as possible. Note that the more enemies you can shoot down, the higher score you can get. Do your best to gain the highest possible score. Be careful! The number of aliens and their power will increase gradually. Therefore, you should collect some power-ups such as Cannon, Shield, and Rocket to become more powerful. Remember that you have only 3 lives. If you crash three times, the game is over.

Come on! Play the game and become the greatest captain of the spacecraft. If you like this game, take a look at Galaxy Slope, Superfighters, and Geometry Dash Unblocked on our website.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the spaceship.