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Draw Climber

About Draw Climber

Get ready to draw some cool legs in the Draw Climber game so your cube character can run to the finish line. Run, collect coins, and get a high score.

Like other running games where the character in the game has to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line, so is this game. However, it is designed in a new direction. Your character in the game is a cube. Besides, the track that you have to cross is not flat when interrupted and there are parts like stairs.

Draw legs for the cube to conquer tracks

A normal cube will not be able to jump over those obstacles. Therefore, you need to draw the cube the legs. Different long or short legs in each case will help your character conquer the track easily. Near the end of the track, you can catch a lot of gold coins. Collecting them is also one of your tasks. There are many different levels and tracks waiting for you to conquer. Good luck!