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About Diggy

Diggy is one of the most interesting adventure and arcade games. You have to control your character in this game to drill and gather treasures underground.

Welcome to the world of entertaining fun with the lovable Minion! You will change into a Minion to take part in the game's underground expeditions. Dig underground with your drill to find valuables and hidden treasures. Make an effort to gather as many riches as you can. Collecting the red mushroom in particular will endow you with unique skills. Your drill's power is constrained, though. When the energy is depleted, you must stop your work and come back the following day. Keep in mind that stones should be avoided when digging to prevent drill damage. Radar can help you locate treasure more easily because it will show you where valuable stuff is.

Earn gold coins and gather treasures and then you can upgrade equipment. You also can upgrade the drill's and the radar's energy. There are four different kinds of batteries: digillium, rechargeable, seismic, and solar. During each mining start, the drill receives a significant quantity of energy from each of these power sources. You can choose from a wide variety of radar kinds. There is Doppler radar, Lucky radar, Navy radar, and Price radar. The accuracy of the detection increases with increasing money. Additionally, you can discover new minerals.

How to play

  • WASD / arrow keys = move
  • Press the left mouse button and pull your mouse to dig
  • Press the E key to activate the rada