Death Run 3D

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If you are a lover of unexpected and exciting sensory, you cannot ignore Death Run 3D. This is the game where the light-filled speed tunnel is waiting for you.

The special race track in Death Run 3D

This game is extremely special, right from the track to the racers. Unlike other normal racing tracks, in this game, you will be running in a 3D tunnel. Besides, you also do not control a ball or a car, as usual, you will control yourself. Because this is a 3D game, the tracks will constantly change according to your perspective. You may find the speed of this game quite fast, but as long as you focus and have good reflexes, it seems that this difficulty will disappear. Otherwise, you can switch to playing Slope Run, with nice spatial graphics, but the slower speed will make it easier for you to adapt. You may spend a lot of time playing these games. However, playing a game for a long time isn't good for your eyes.

Death Run 3D with interesting tools

Death Run 3D has up to 4 game modes maelstrom, hyper maelstrom, superluminal and hyper superluminal. Each game mode has its own special, where hyper maelstrom and hyper superluminal are upgraded versions of the maelstrom and superluminal. You can try playing all the modes to choose the one that suits you best. In addition, the game also has a Leaderboard, play well and check if your name is on the leaderboard. Death Run 3D is also equipped with a unique sound system to help you completely relax and be captivated by this game. But if you don't want to turn on the music, you can turn it off in the settings here you can also change the color. So, what are you waiting for without coming to Death Run 3D right away? If you like this game, don't play it alone. You should share with your friends. Hope you will have a great time with this game!

The rules success in Death Run 3D

  • The game is designed with HTML technology, so you can access this game on your mobile or desktop. You also can play Geometry Dash Unblocked on your computer or smartphone.
  • Sometimes, you will be angry when you have to play hundreds of times. Be calm! This game can improve your patience.
  • The full-screen is available, so you can have the best game experience with this mode. Can you win this hard game? Can you be a pro in this game? Let's answer these questions by action.

How to control

You will use the arrow keys to move and dodge all incoming obstacles.


Where I can play Death Run 3D?

You can play this game on your mobile or computer thanks to its HTML5 technology.

How many modes are there in this game?

There are four modes for players.

Is it an easy game?

No, you have to use your agility and reflex to conquer this game.

Can children play this game?

Yes, they can play to have fun and enhance their skills.

How To Play

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