Cookie Clicker City

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Cookie Clicker City is a great game when you are bored or want to relax. Your goal is to create your own cookie city by clicking repeatedly on the giant cookie.

Cookie Clicker City is an entertaining game suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender. All you need to do is click on the big cookie on the screen. After each click, cookies will be generated. You will use those cookies to buy, sell, and upgrade buildings, and one day you will make yourself a wonderful cookie city.

When playing the game, you will construct the city from the earliest stages of labor up until the development of space science. The game features a total of 5 distinct development phases. You can create up to 18 structures in your city to increase the productivity of your operations. There are approximately 600 upgrades and 700 milestones that are waiting for you to complete. Additionally, there are a lot of intriguing things that have yet to be discovered.

How to play

  • To buy the buildings, click on the house icon.
  • To upgrade, click on the arrow icon.
  • To admire the achievements that your city achieves, click on the cup icon.
  • To set up the game according to your wishes, click on the wheel icon.

How To Play

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